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Back in 2009 the twin brothers Emil and Rasmus started the Slikhaar concept. Since their childhood, they have had a great passion for hair and a vision to bring the best professional hair products for men out to the online market. When they started SlikhaarShop back in 2009 they worked hard to get the business up and running. They had their stock under the bed in their studio apartments to make things happen.

Rasmus made a video in his studio apartment where he talked about a product and how to use it. The purpose was to include the customers and to share their expertise. In the beginning, the videos were embedded from YouTube. Over time the YouTube videos generated traffic from an international audience and the brothers decided to become international after the first 9 months. They adapted to the interest from international viewers and started a channel, Slikhaar TV, to inspire men all around the world in hair trends and fashion.

Slikhaar TV – Men’s hair tutorials

YouTube has had a great impact on the business. Slikhaar TV is not a sales channel nor a tv-shop. We seek to educate and entertain our followers. Today Slikhaar TV is the worlds largest YouTube channel in the men’s hair category. Every week the Emil and Rasmus give you inspiring hair tutorials videos, showing you a Zayn Malik haircut among other celebrity haircuts and haircuts known from TV series. Slikhaar TV offers the latest trends in men’s hair tutorials from the undercut hairstyle to the platinum blonde haircut. We strive to include subjects that help you in all the aspects of the hairstyling process.

SlikhaarShop – Men’s grooming products

Today SlikhaarShop is an international webshop with a handpicked selection of the best professional hair products for men including their own brand By Vilain. SlikhaarShop also offers some of the best grooming products for men from brands like Hanz de Fuko, Kevin Murphy, and Baxter of California. We ship orders worldwide with track and trace and has delivered more than 250.000 packages to more than 120 countries.

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Our customer support is ready to help you in 4-5 languages. The Slikhaar team consists of 10 people.

By Vilain – Professional hair products for men

In 2012 the twin brothers created their product line By Vilain and launched the first wax and todays best seller, By Vilain Gold Digger, in 2013 after 9 months of hard work and testing. Shortly after they presented the By Vilain Silver Fox due to the great success of By Vilain Gold Digger. The newest products in the range are based on an organic mindset it includes Sidekick Zero and Wax Zero. The Wax Zero will be launched in October 2018. They wanted to create a high performing product line for men that is simple to use. The use of pre-styler is essential for a long lasting and volumized hairstyle, so we always recommend that before adding the wax. Today you will find happy By Vilain owners in over 120 countries across the globe. The focus is to develop professional hair products for men with a focus on quality and performance.

Slikhaar Studio – Hair salon

In the heart of Aarhus, Denmark you’ll find Slikhaar Studio, the salon where the Slikhaar TV episodes take place. With Slikhaar Studio we want to make a difference and give people a quality haircut. We also use the studio to test all the new products we’re launching. Because the feedback from our crew and customers are very essential for our development.

Have you ever been to a hairdresser and left with a result you weren’t quite happy with? We know we have. Therefore, we made you a guide on How to avoid a bad haircut.

Slikhaar Community

The community is very important to us. You can find us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram where our vision is to share the everyday life and inspiration in images, videos, and Instagram stories. 

The latest addition to the community part is a closed group, Slikhaar Community, on Facebook for the most dedicated supporters of Slikhaar TV. The group gives the Slikhaar supporters a possibility to inspire for new YouTube videos. It is about communicating, asking questions and getting advice. On occasions, we will ask for your advice. It is a way for our subscribers and followers to interact with us, and each other in a closed environment where you have to be approved to enter. We want to create a safe space where everyone can have a voice.

The relation with the followers can always be better. We see our followers as friends, and we want to give them content that they can enjoy and engage with.

The meet-ups are important for us. We want to face people and get questions and feedback directly from you. It is a great way to learn more from the audience and also it makes it all more real. We will continue to do these meet-ups because it’s a fun thing to do and to talk with the people that are actually following us. It always a great feeling meeting and talking with real people, instead of answering messages from people from miles away.

”We inspire you to be the best version of yourself” – Emil & Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen